A link to my MusicPlay posts on Edspire

Last month I was lucky enough to be asked to write two guest posts on my friend Jennie’s blog ‘Edspire’ as part of her #MusicPlay theme. Jennie has a huge readership and has won many awards for her amazing blog so it was a huge honour for me and nerve-wracking to write for a blog where you know people are actually going to see it…!

Here is a link to the first which was about how I started Classical Babies and about music for children in general: Music Play: A must read guest post from Classical Babies

And here is the second which was walking you through what happens at a Classical Babies concert, and talking about why I believe it’s so important to give children access to music and instruments: Music Play: Classical Babies Concerts


Thank you Jennie for the opportunity. I love writing about music for children but usually need a push to do it! 😉


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