About Coco


I’m Coco (real name Antonia), a full-time postgraduate acting student at the GFCA, professional violinist, proud wife of the Romanian concert violinist, Remus Azoitei and mum of two boys – Gabriel (7), who has Aspergers/ASD and Lucian (5).

After leaving my job in the BBC Concert Orchestra to have children, I co-founded Classical Babies Ltd. and am now pursuing my childhood dream of studying to be an actor. My dream career is to work as both an actor and a musician.

I also love to teach the violin, especially to young people anywhere from 3 years old to conservatoire level. I blog about anything and everything but especially my boys, music, acting and Asperger/ASD parenting and our travels, especially in Romania.

My great loves, besides my family who come top, top, top! are music, theatre and film, travelling (I’m crazy for Italy but anywhere goes), languages, eating and drinking nice wine and a bizarre mix of Astro-physics (courtesy of my little aspie) and spirituality (you might say I’m a bit “new-age” though I hate that term, there’s nothing new about it!). I’m interested in life, death and the Universe, art, science and spirituality so this blog is a bit of a hodgepodge of all those things, but it’s always a look at life through the lens of me and my boys – Coco & Co.



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