I love …

Being home alone in my flat on a quiet, rainy afternoon (happens rarely)

My husband, who wants me to be free and have a creative life and work I love

My gorgeous boys

A hot bubble bath

Walking in Regent’s Park

Autumn in London

To have peace and quiet to cook in my kitchen with a glass of red wine and the radio on

Me and my two boys snuggling up to watch a DVD in bed

A quiet cappuccino and a copy of Red magazine

Lavender – the plant and the smell

Trips down memory lane via photo albums

Acting class

Clean white cotton bedding, especially if I didn’t have to put it on the bed myself

Morning coffees made by my Dad in Cornwall, with my feet up, overlooking the sea

Long family drives with Remus and the boys… could be going anywhere, as long as we’re all out together, which is rare!

Dinner out with my husband – again, rare!

Watching my boys play in the garden

Long chats with Mum & Dad on the phone

An exciting project to work on

Buying presents for my children

Planning children’s birthdays and Christmas

Planning concerts

Drinking champagne with good friends

What things do you love, big or small?


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