My Beautiful Blog!


Just a short post to re-introduce you to my blog! It’s been months since I wrote anything and I’ve been partly holding off for a good reason: I’m so excited to relaunch my blog with a beautiful redesign by the wonderful Helen Braid at Ellie Illustrates. She designed the logo for my Matilda Mae Violin Marathon and, I think almost all of the other fundraising events in Matilda Mae’s memory and I couldn’t think of a more talented and, just as importantly, kind-hearted person to spruce-up my blog. She is also working as I write, on a new logo and brand-design for my concerts-for-babies business, Classical Babies!

If you need a blog header, avatar or logo or in fact any graphic at all I wholeheartedly urge you to check out her website:

So I’m off to work on my first main post on my new blog, a write-up of the Matilda Mae Violin Marathon from July… 26.2 hours of playing, many videos to choose from, I could be a while! Meanwhile, I hope you like the new look. Let me know what you think…

Coco xx

Justgiving: Matilda Mae Violin Marathon!

So, in just over one month, on 2nd July, I will be embarking on my VIOLIN MARATHON for Matilda Mae, to raise money for The Lullaby Trust and so the time has come to start fundraising and training (i.e. practising in increasing amounts every day) in earnest and write an update on how it’s all going to work. Continue reading

A link to my MusicPlay posts on Edspire

Last month I was lucky enough to be asked to write two guest posts on my friend Jennie’s blog ‘Edspire’ as part of her #MusicPlay theme. Jennie has a huge readership and has won many awards for her amazing blog so it was a huge honour for me and nerve-wracking to write for a blog where you know people are actually going to see it…! Continue reading

My FB Post about Gabi & Aspergers

Wednesday 2nd April was World Autism Awareness Day and in fact the whole of April is Autism Awareness month. I happened to post something on Facebook that morning about my Gabs and his aspergers and was completely staggered when it went completely nuts, getting over 400 likes on my own page, some 300 on a mum group I shared it on and was shared by nearly 100 people so I have lost count now of how many likes it has on all those pages combined but it must be over a thousand! I was also inundated by private messages all day thanking me for writing it and also contact from other mums of aspies or suspected aspies basically reaching out for some company in this crazy journey that is parenting an aspergers child! or just some advice or pointers to other support resources. 
Continue reading