Coffee Art in Cornwall 3.0

I wasn’t at my parents place that long this time and Mr. Barista (my Dad) with the coffee-art skills was off out early to golf a couple of days so I had to attempt to make my own. The ‘A’ was mine and the next day I attempted a ‘C’, slipped and ended up with a euro sign so I didn’t bother to photograph that. This chocolate powder stuff is tricky, I fully understand why they have those stencils in Costa and Starbucks. Here’s my very poor ‘A’ and my Dad’s ones. Bless his patience!




Coffee Art in Cornwall Part 2.5

I was browsing back through old photos while blogging and realised I missed a whole batch of the very best of my Dad’s yummy coffees-with-chocolate-pictures (usually personalised or some in-joke) from last year. I can’t believe I missed them! So really this should be a part of Coffee Art in Cornwall Part 2 if we’re pandering to chronology, but who cares… Here they are. They taste even better than they look. I wish I was drinking one right now.

Coffee Art in Cornwall Part 2!

It’s been two years since my post Coffee Art in Cornwall about my Dad’s fabulous daily cappuccinos – one of my many favourite things about visiting them down here in Gorran Haven, Cornwall. And since I’ve been here for two weeks and enjoying one of his special coffees every day, here’s another album of his Coffee Art.