Lucian’s New Room

It being 2015 now, and therefore the time of new beginnings and makeovers, I’m finally committing to an idea I’ve been toying with for months now: Splitting the boys up and putting Lucian in his own room. In case anyone is new here and hasn’t met my 3 year old, Luci (Loo-ch-ee!), this is he: IMG_8462

He shares a room – at least, theoretically although he often sleeps with me – with Gabriel, 5 who is completely obsessed with Space and is responsible for their bedroom looking like the Cosmos projectile-vomited all over it:


Luci quite likes Space so he doesn’t mind too much, but only because he goes along with whatever Gabi does really. They don’t do much sleeping in there, it’s really hard to get them to sleep because they play and jump on their beds and get each other all riled up, or argue. Basically if one is sleepy the other is wide awake and their infectious energy wakes the other back up. It was my mum who had the idea of turning the playroom upstairs into a bedroom because when they stay with Nana Pip and Grandad in Cornwall, they sleep in separate rooms really nicely and seem to love it, and not miss each other at all.

I ummed and ahh-ed about it for ages, feeling too emotional to split them up when they’ve been joined at the hip both as brothers and best friends all of Luci’s life. I shared a room with my sister until I was 15 and I feel that it’s really bonding and I wanted that for my boys too, but gradually I realise they are already so bonded, they are the best of friends and now the differences in their personalities are starting to come to the fore and their different tastes and playing styles mean their own space would be good. Luci is obsessed with Jubilee line trains, cars and Brio train track and is the only one who ever plays in the playroom which is constantly an absolute bomb-site. Whereas Gabs reads constantly, draws and writes stuff, almost never plays with toys and really wants his own desk and quiet area to do his crazy physics stuff and play minecraft.

But mostly it’s the sleep thing. I want them to go to bed earlier and be calm at bedtime, and I’m pretty sure their own rooms is the way to go. Not that I won’t cry when they finally go their separate ways at bedtime. It will be the end of an era:

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So, anyway, *sniff, sniff..* enough of that soppy shit. I know, me and my first-world problems! We are very lucky to have enough space to give them a bedroom each and this just doesn’t seem a good use of it right now: IMG_4486 Plus, it takes me about two days to get it looking like this: IMG_4475 and precisely five minutes for them to make it like this again … IMG_7137 … after which no one goes in there again for ages. So, I’m decided and I have big plans to make it a lovely room for Luci.

Lucian’s Room

To start with, safety first, Remus has to fix a safety-catch onto the skylight window because Lucian can and WILL climb out onto the roof, and it’s freezing now, but in the Summer it gets boiling up there, and the landlord company has to put a new black-out blind in. We’re also getting shelving made for inside the toy cupboard (see above). Then, in goes his lovely wooden bed and bedside table which we got when we moved in last year, from Taurus Beds on the Finchley Road. I just ordered him this camper van bedding e6b9b8fa83d678146661e13ceef04816 I ‘ve got my heart set on this Rainbow star rug from because Lucian’s name means ‘light’ and he’s my little star. But it ‘aint cheap so I don’t know if I’ll convince Remus!… and I’ll put stars around his bed like this:

I already bought this poster from and alphabet letters to spell his name (and for Gabi too) and some number transfer stickers.

I can’t wait to get him his own room in his own style and see if I can get him to sleep any earlier. Night, Luci… x