Hello London!

So we’re back from Paris and I have to say, I didn’t miss the boys like I thought I would! I feel so guilty about that but it’s like the second I tasted a bit of sleep and that gorgeous, melting feeling of “free-arms” I forgot all about them….Is that terrible?! My God, I enjoyed it so much, I must have needed it. The fact that it snowed and so we did very little except walk a bit, eat and drink in little brasseries (wine for lunch followed by a nap, anyone??) made it even more perfect and we agreed next time we don’t need to go anywhere as glamorous but just out of London a bit to a spa hotel where we can hole ourselves up in a room with a DVD player, a big bed and lots of alcohol! I would feel guilty about being so lazy and uncultured in my holiday-ing style, but we are violinists and I’m studying acting so I think that’s enough Art anyway. If I was really going away to enrich my normal life somehow, I ought to go to a maths camp or something.

It was LOVELY to come home to my two boys though. Look what greeted us!



They had a wonderful time with Nana Pip and Grandad. They were well slept, well behaved (the boys too :P) ALL my washing was done and the place was clean and dinner was cooking. My Mum is unbelievable and I don’t deserve her at all.

It’s lovely to be back. Paris was lovely, but home is better.