Violin Marathon for Matilda Mae – plans shaping up!

So the Violin Marathon for Matilda Mae is shaping up to be a great, great plan! 

So far, my favourite ideas, which may or may not be feasible are as follows:


Location: my flat in London

Breaks allowed for eating, toilet and massage/physio

I will take requests, but you have to donate for this!

Live video link/internet streaming so people can tune in and see how I’m doing/submit requests online

Open house for people to drop in and have a drink while I play

Musician friends can show up and join me in some chamber music

If I’m really hurting and need a longer break, someone (Remus or a friend) must cover for me so someone is always playing.

This could be really cool I’m really looking forward to this, but I’d better get practising because if I did it now, I wouldn’t last four hours and I’d be in real trouble! 

Would love to hear from any musicians in particular with more ideas to make this even better!



Coco xx