Auction in Memory of Matilda Mae


If you didn’t bid on my Classical Babies tickets, too late! They’ve gone! But there are still lots of really gorgeous things to snap up at a bargain price and all for a fabulous cause, raising money for The Lullaby Trust in memory of a very special little baby girl, gone too soon, Matilda Mae. Jennie has inspired a lot of admiration and love in the wake of her loss over the last few months, and the quality of items in the auction is testament to this! I’m a softie, and prone to purchasing things in the name of a good cause that I later think, “Errr, what…?” about after, but this auction is different. Mini micro-scooters, incredibly beautifully-handmade mobile hangings, family photography shoots worth £100’s are all here to buy. Some things are now at full-price (that’s how much people want them and how much we love where our money’s going!) and some things are going for less than they go at retail, thanks to someone’s generosity in donating something extremely valuable which we normally mightn’t afford…. but every penny goes to an amazing charity in memory of a superb, luminous, very-much-missed little girl, Tilda. This might be the best auction ever!! It’s the last few days now, but there are still some fabulous things to be found HERE. Bid, bid, bid!!!


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