Hello from Paris!

Bonsoir! So I brought my laptop after all, snuck in under the premise that we can watch DVDs on it in the hotel, instead of French television or CNN… Sneaky 😉 So after a little cry this morning when I fed Lucian in bed and worried about leaving him, we got here and low-and-behold, it turns out a mini-break with no kids is awesome and we’re having the most relaxing time EVER.

Important exception: If you ever take the Eurostar TAKE YOUR OWN COFFEE on board with you. I queued for 35 minutes, standing up for a horrible latté that tasted like I made it in my microwave at home, and a stale crusty croissant. NOT ok, Eurostar, not at your prices. And don’t get me started on the leg-room. I’m only 5’4″ with very short legs, I shouldn’t have to contort my body like a cirque du soleil performer to fit in my seat.

However, even in the rain and cold, Paris is Paris. Hotel: tick. (Hotel Le Clos Medicis – a bit shabby-chic but really central and very sweet and they give you bathrobes, which I’m just crazy about. I could live in one:IMG_4151).

Little cornices and balconies on all the buildings: tick. Moules-frites lunch with a Stella Artois: also tick. Espresso and crêpes: Erm, Yum.


Now, you would think we had come to Paris to see some stuff. Maybe the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, L’arc du triomphe? And we did plan to. But we just thought we’d have a short nap after lunch and woke up at 7pm. Who knew we were THAT tired?? Now it’s raining so we’re off to get drunk and then sleep some more.

Of course we could have done that at home… *Shhhh!*

Now, I’m going to get off the computer and give my lovely husband some of my limited attention that he’s so starved of at home, because I’ve just had a chance to remember, with no little boys jumping up and down yelling in my ear, what a very wonderful man he is. 🙂 xx


Off to Paris…

Remus and I are off to Paris on Monday, for a 3 day romantic-jaunt with no kids! I should feel excited, and I do… I am really looking forward to a rest and some time to wander the streets and drink coffees and most importantly talk to each other about what we want to talk about, not what necessity dictates we have to blurt out before the boys hurt themselves or we’re late for work. We’ll drink champagne, sleep-in, watch tv, have nice meals and be, well, really, really grown-up 😉 No lego, no Iggle-piggle and Tombliboos grating on our nerves, no food on the floor. It will be amazing, it will and we so need and deserve this! But I’m really not sure about leaving my boys for two nights, three days, in particular Lucian. We’re so bonded, we co-sleep, he still breastfeeds. He’s 21 months, I should so be able to do this! But I think I will cry and he will cry. I hope it’s worth it.

That’s not at all what I meant to write about. I mean to write: I’ve only just started my blog and I’m disappearing already. I won’t be posting for a while. (It’s bad form to take your laptop on a romantic mini-break, right?!)

Just so I don’t forget, here’s a few things I want to write about when I get back:

Reiki (I want to learn)

Jennie & Matilda Mae

Classical Babies

Gabs & Luci

My 2013 wish-list

See you all soon… xx

Welcome to my blog!

I’m a blogger! I haven’t quite honed the design of my blog yet, got lots of playing with colours to do, but I’m here!

I’m Coco, wife of Remus Azoitei (Romanian concert violinist, violin professor at Royal Academy of Music, Renault 12 enthusiast and generally awesome husband and Daddy) – mummy of two small boys, Gabriel (3) and Lucian (1), violinist & teacher, entreprenuer, and acting student. I love my family more than the Earth, I love music, I’m passionate about bringing classical music to babies and normalising classical music in general. I love Italy, champagne, flowers, babies & children, all things lovely and I’ll be writing about all these things at some point no doubt… plus life, death and the universe.

There’s a sad but beautiful story behind my new blog. A month ago, the mum-blogger community on twitter (of which I was a part as a mumprenuer @classicalbabyco) was rocked by the sudden shock of baby loss. The beautiful 9 month old daughter of Jennie Henley (@Edspire) died suddenly in her cot one night from SIDS. We were all stunned by her loss and became more and more involved as she turned to twitter for company and support the night after Matilda Mae was found sleeping, pouring out her grief in searingly honest detail. A few of us stayed up long into the night that first 24 hours after, as she tweeted from a dark, quiet house with husband and twins sleeping. I remember holding myself awake until gone 2am, long after her twitter feed fell silent, unable to bear the thought of her tweeting something and finding herself alone. Over the following days and weeks something strange happened. A new #Matilda Mae community sprung-up on social media, rallying around a grieving mother in her darkest time, sending love, answering her cries with our own esoteric answers, responding to Jennie’s tweets and blog posts with comforting words, ideas for the funeral service, music, ways of remembering Tilda and over the month we all came to be in awe of this woman. Even in the darkest times she managed to make everything around her beautiful. The beauty of her memorials for her daughter, the things she wrote, her thoughts for others, her ideas for the twins to honour Matilda’s memory: everything sparkled around her. She really is the most beautiful person! And we all came to love her and think of her as a real friend.

I’ve spent so much time online this month, talking to her, writing to her and to other bloggers about her. I want to write more and need a place to do that. So here it is. So, I have Jennie to thank for this blog. She even came up with the name: Coco&Co! This blog will be my own place to make beautiful. (Just another small part of Matilda Mae Henley’s immense, ongoing legacy). I hope you like it…. xx