Off to Paris…

Remus and I are off to Paris on Monday, for a 3 day romantic-jaunt with no kids! I should feel excited, and I do… I am really looking forward to a rest and some time to wander the streets and drink coffees and most importantly talk to each other about what we want to talk about, not what necessity dictates we have to blurt out before the boys hurt themselves or we’re late for work. We’ll drink champagne, sleep-in, watch tv, have nice meals and be, well, really, really grown-up 😉 No lego, no Iggle-piggle and Tombliboos grating on our nerves, no food on the floor. It will be amazing, it will and we so need and deserve this! But I’m really not sure about leaving my boys for two nights, three days, in particular Lucian. We’re so bonded, we co-sleep, he still breastfeeds. He’s 21 months, I should so be able to do this! But I think I will cry and he will cry. I hope it’s worth it.

That’s not at all what I meant to write about. I mean to write: I’ve only just started my blog and I’m disappearing already. I won’t be posting for a while. (It’s bad form to take your laptop on a romantic mini-break, right?!)

Just so I don’t forget, here’s a few things I want to write about when I get back:

Reiki (I want to learn)

Jennie & Matilda Mae

Classical Babies

Gabs & Luci

My 2013 wish-list

See you all soon… xx


One thought on “Off to Paris…

  1. Have a wonderful time! I still breastfeed and co-sleep with our 18 month old so I know what you mean! I think I’d cry too! 😉


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